My Medications List  v.6.0.1

My Medications List helps you keep track of your medicines, total your medication costs by month, quarter and year along with having plenty of room for jotting down important notes about each of your medications such as 'No Alcohol', 'Take with food'

Anxiety Diary

From comes Anxiety Diary v1.0, a user-friendly electronic mental health diary system that can be used to log daily events, appointments, monitor therapy, keep track of medications and chart the progress of your recovery. Records can


Enhilex Medical Transcription Software

Enhilex Medical Transcription Software is a great word list tool built specifically for MTs. Increase your productivity and easily manage patient names, doctor names, medications, medical abbreviations and lab names! Your word list and the folder list are

MILT  v.3.0.03

MILT by Medi-Dose is the best way to manage the printing of labels and packaging of unit dose medications. Every feature was specifically designed to accommodate the needs of health care professionals just like you.

Medtrix  v.2.0

Features? Automatically generates patient summary including: risk alerts, medications, diagnosis, procedures and encounters. Click through musculoskeletal examination and calculate scores. Assessments form with click through facility to calculate

IBSDIARY  v.1.0.0

This program is useful for the sick and elderly, people with irritable bowel syndrome, bowel diseases or people with a low immune system. Enter your daily meals, medications and bowel movements and by assigning a score for that day,

Pet Buddy  v.

Pet Buddy allows you to easily manage all your pet's activities and expenses. Simply enter your pet's credentials and you can start building a database to keep track of their nutrition, medications, allergies, vaccinations, growth spurts, exercise,

ICE Lite  v.

ICE Lite provides an easy to use interface that lets you keep all your emergency contacts, medical conditions, and medications in one place. In an emergency situation, another person may be able to use this information to save your life. ICE Lite

Family Medical Reminder  v.

Family Medical Reminder allows you to manage doctors visits, medication. You can build a base for family doctors. Collect information about visits, prescription medicines. You can set reminders of visits and hours of taking medications. "Now you

[diabetes on travel]  v.

This app replaces a blood sugar diary, a blood pressure diary, a list of medications, an medical ID card (or a medical alert card) in case of emergencies, a dictionary,

Personal Health Record  v.

Clarus PHR - Personal Health Record is an app that you can use to record, track and manage your health information. Clarus PHR helps you get organized as you are able to track your vital signs, medications,

Medical Reminder  v.

Is an App reminder of prescription medications that alerts you every time that you need to take the corresponding medication or vitamin. It can show you a record of medicines taken earlier, calculating the amount remaining dose to know how many you

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